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As an independent agent, we combine different quotes that are provided by the most reasonable insurance rates that meets your personal or business needs. Feel free to give us a call today for your free quote.


There are a lot of different ways we can keep you and your house safe if anything might happen to you. From custom packages to a simple consult on what your options are, we’ve got all your home needs covered.


Running a small business involves a significant investment. Business insurance protects your investment by minimizing financial risks associated with unexpected events such as a death of a partner, an injured employee, a lawsuit, or a natural disaster.


Your spouse, your family, yourself and your retirement.Liberty bell Insurance will help you to find a Health Insurance simple and secure for you and your family.

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Business owners are talking about our heavy truck claims expertise. Watch this four-minute video to discover how having a good insurance company, and a good agent, has made a huge difference in Susan's business.

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